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Crack A Smile


Sparkling water was booming. But it was boring.

PepsiCo partnered with us based on a simple brief: “The sparkling water space is booming. We’ve created a naturally flavored water. Now we need a brand.” But as we quickly realized that, although the space was indeed booming, it was a bit... boring. From legacy players like Seagram’s, to cult favorites like La Croix, the options out there lacked an engaging personality and tone of voice.

Based on our brand promise to “make every day a little more playful,” we launched into creating a brand identity with a bubbly personality. It inspired every element we touched from the naming of the product, to the playful design, to a can that says “oh hi” when you first meet it.

To bring it to life, we became the first brand to ever launch on, dropping 1000 GIFS with

Neil Patrick Harris and speaking the language of social to make everyone “crack a smile.”

Neil even pulled a live prank on Ellen before our spot went live during the Oscars.

Across social media, people engaged with the brand, posting photos of the bubly tabs and can:

“Who wouldn’t love sparkling water cans with cute and quirky notes on them?” and

“I think my #bubly is flirting with me.”

Evidence that our brand truly was able to bring a little play into the everyday and drive impact:

Within 72 hours, #1 sparkling water brand on Amazon.  Within 5 days, over 1 billion earned media impressions. Within 4 weeks, gained 35% of category sales growth.

Within 5 weeks, 1.4 billion GIPHY views. Today it's the category leader, and an over 350MM brand.

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