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 Inspiration Drops


4 Artists Series. 12 months. 1 innovative brand. 

Because art is as essential to life as water.


LIFEWTR turned its bottles into a canvas for emerging artists.

Every few months, LIFEWTR refreshes with a new series of artwork centered around a cultural tension in the art world, which we used as inspiration for our creative narrative. This laid the groundwork for our media communications and real world actions to advocate for the arts, drive cultural conversation, and bring moments of inspiration to audiences.


For Series 1, we introduced our brand purpose on advertising's biggest stage, the 2017 Super Bowl. Our TV commercial illustrated the power of accessible public art to inspire everyday moments, an idea born from street art installations created by our emerging Public Artists.


Series 2 celebrated Women in the Arts. We created an Open Gallery on the public grounds of the Lincoln Center in NYC to grow awareness of the under-representation of women artists. An idea fueled from conversations with our Artists who shared that 51% of artists in the US are women, yet their artwork makes up less than 5% of permanent collections. We turned the activation into a two minute film, #ArtByAWoman. The film inspired women artists and consumers to share their art on our Instagram Virtual Gallery. We then turned our traditional OOH and advertising spaces into Open Galleries

with women’s art for the public.


Series 3 focused on Emerging Fashion Designers durning NY Fashion week with CFDA artists using bringing their sketches to the streets. Series 4 focused on Arts in Education and took on the defunding of the arts in schools. The social experiment brought to life the statistic that students who participate in art are 4X more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.


LIFEWTR grew to be over a 200MM brand in year one.

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