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Progress Feels Like

Kotex Global 

Progress isn’t comfortable. But neither are women.

Throughout history, we’ve seen ground gained and progress achieved. But it’s not good enough. In 2024, women’s progress is no longer a given. In every culture and in every corner of the globe, women are facing bias, inequality and restrictions that continue to be accepted—or even escalated.


In the lead up International Women’s Day 2024, Kotex Global launched the

"Progress Feels Like" campaign on every continent and in nine different languages to help spark action, cultural conversation and raise visibility around the barriers many women continue to feel all around the globe. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Jaci Judelson, produced by Rakish and edited by Amanda Moreau of Nomad Media, the two-minute piece is a provocative look at accepted norms and the ongoing assault on women's rights.

 To amplify impact, Kotex and the Kotex She Can Initiative are partnering with

“She’s the First” to deliver on the ground community programs that advocate, train

and educate girls across 42 countries.


"Progress Feels Like" gives voice to uncomfortable truths, and calls all women and their supporters to share their experiences, stay the course and advocate for change.

Because progress is more than one feeling. #ProgressFeelsLike…Fear…Hope…Struggle…Belonging…Uncertainty…Exhilaration, and much more.

As women, we will feel it all, to feel change.

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